Bones a Humming

a poem and soundscape for your bones

I see you carrying your bones across this dusty old earth

You look to the clouds for rain


Tracing each bone

As it points you to new terrain

I see you close your eyes

Slip inside and fall past your eardrums

Dropping further down


You touch yourself with fingertips

And tap tap tap your skin

Listening to the shape of bones.

They’re starting to hum.


Your soft fingers rooting and touching firmly to your skin

Feeling the sound from deep within.


Your bones are starting to hum.

They’re starting to vibrate

Ancestral words softly singing from oracle bones

Let us float and swim

You drum your body

Cup your hands

Soft or firm touch touch touch

Crashing at the edge of sea and land

You map yourself

To find the water deep inside

Listening for the echoes bouncing


You are trembling with life.

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Bones a Humming
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