Loving Others Who May Be Spiky

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The ground I was dancing on was covered with spiky plants. But I wanted to get closer to the ground, and so I had to get closer to the spiky ones too.

Press play to see it 

Read the puzzle below for your pleasure

Explore how the puzzle can work for your particular body and desires.

Puzzle for the body

Wherever you are, in your own way,

Bring your right hip and right shoulder closer to each other

And then away from each other

Now bring your left hip and left shoulder closer and away from each other

Now wherever you are,

separate your body into two different places like this:


Everything above your belly button           (your 'upper' body)

And everything below your belly button     (your 'lower' body)


Feel that you can move your upper body in a different way to your lower body

And your lower body in a different way to your upper body

Explore this to move closer or further away from something or someone


Use this puzzle in life

to love others who may be spiky

sidebend image1.jpg