A Dancing Practice for Two People in a Park

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A dancing practice for two people at a distance in a park

Blending in with the daily landscape

Meeting each other as our everyday selves

Gradually up my awareness of internal space

Gradually sense more detail of my being 


Quieten the everyday self

Leaning a little more into the earth

While falling a bit more into the sky


Just like someone in a park does, starting to exercise, no big deal

Lubricating and rotating the joining parts


Sensing my openings


Sensing my closings


Opening what feels good


Closing so I know more about opening


Expanding through effort 

And the wonderful release of it afterwards

As it gets more natural to be unique, 

Peer outward to see others

They are doing their thing

I am doing my thing

All is good

Sensing my desire


Sending my mind through my body

Letting memories, thoughts, recent messiness

Pass through me as part of the body landscape


What are the rhythms of a voice that hasn’t spoken for a while?


The rhythms that haven’t been exercised for a while?


Different moods that have been on hold?

Speak these rhythms

Project my energy outward into directions that haven’t been spoken for a while

This is part of my exercise

To remember the full palette of feeling in my body

Then more to come

In whatever speed and size it takes


(... a time that is not measured by time...)


It ends


You’ll know when it ends, because you’ll have 

Gathered enough to harvest.